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Start-up Birchbox Makes it Easy to Take the Plunge

20 Nov

Makeup Love

Walking into Sephora for me is like stepping into heaven—products galore for every need I didn’t know I had. Sadly, I fall for the beauty marketers campaign promising to make my laugh lines disappear, my lips plumper, and my eyelashes longer. The cost? For me, the price tag is anywhere from $20 to $80, but the sky is the limit in terms of how much people will spend.

Usually before I invest in such a “dream,” I will do extensive research looking at reviews, awards, and write-ups. After plunking down my hard earned student loan money, I go home and have a kind of séance before using the product.  Once I sweep the magic product on, psychology kicks in and voila—I’m improved. Usually. Sometimes I don’t notice any changes or the $108 magic cream caused a massive breakout on my skin.

What if I could try the product on before I purchased it?


Move Over Silicon Valley—Competition is Heating Up

20 Nov
"Technology has exceeded our humanity"

Image by Toban Black via Flickr

As technology seems to be the sector to focus on, a number of places are looking to take the crown away from Silicon Valley and become the next start-up mecca.

New York City

Mayor Bloomberg is hoping to surpass Silicon Valley with the development of the NYC engineering campus. Bloomberg devised a competition among schools to come up with the best plan for this campus. Currently, the bids from various colleges have been submitted to Bloomberg for review and an announcement will be made early next year. It is speculated the forerunner is the Stanford/CUNY proposal, which would house a 10-acre campus on Roosevelt Island with approximately 100 faculty and 2,200 students. Bloomberg is hoping in the first 30 years, 22,000 jobs would be created. The estimated cost is $100 million.


Russia is also looking to develop their own Silicon Valley with the creation of Skolkovo Innovation Center Project, which is estimated to employ 25,000 to 30,000. Presidential aide Arkady Dvorkovich believes Russia will grow to directly compete with Silicon Valley in the tech industry and he claims Eric Schmidt of Google backs his claims.  Microsoft and GE have already invested and IBM may have also landed a deal.


The New York Times reported the progress of Guatamela’s Campus Technológico, which is looking to bring start-ups to the country for an inexpensive alternative. Currently, the campus only has one building with 375 inhabitants but is looking to expand to a five or six block entrepreneurial haven. The campus tech founder, Juan Mini, does realize the country’s drug problem, unstable economy, and huge division gaps in income create a challenging situation for growth but he believes the low cost of starting a business, about $7569 according to The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, will sway entrepreneurs to take the risk.

What does this mean for Silicon Valley?



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