Got an Idea? Pitch it to The New York Times

5 Mar

The New York Times recently introduced a contest, Make Your Pitch, for entrepreneurs to pitch their business idea in hopes of gaining exposure and possible capital.

The contest is open to any start-up business and is defined from anyone who has an idea to an actual operating business.

Besides looking for strong ideas with legs, the contest needs a person willing to talk on camera about the ups and downs starting a business, which will be posted on The New York Times Facebook page.

Carol Roth, the woman behind the contest, is a business strategist who has helped thousands of entrepreneurs raise funds in order to achieve their dreams.

The pitch needs to be catchy and touch on some main key points: the idea, target demographic, marketing strategy, and what makes your business special.

In case you don’t have a clue on how to pitch, check out the tips below or click on the link to watch the video.

  1. Content: Keep your pitch to approximately two minutes and remember to mention the problem you are trying to solve, how your business is unique, and how you plan on making money.
  2. Production: Make sure you taking into consideration all the aspects that it takes to produce a successful video: sound, light, and steadiness.
  3. Confidence: Sell your idea!

Video Tutorial on How to Pitch Your Idea

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