Entrepreneur Jamie Graber Adding Spice to The East Village With Gingersnap’s Organic

14 Oct

Tucked away on Seventh St. between Ave. A and First Ave. Gingersnap’s Organic at 130 E. Seventh St. will be making its debut in the next month as a vegan and gluten-free café.

With her bright red hair, the name Gingersnap is actually the owner’s, Jamie Graber, nickname.

“I’m the Gingersnap. My friends call me Gingersnap because they joke I’m a red head,” Graber said.

Gingersnap’s Organic concept is to provide quick service to hustling New Yorkers by having healthy, pre-made food available to grab and go.

For those who have a bit more time on their hand, Gingersnaps offers an eighteen seat café perfect for lounging on their wireless network during the afternoon and relaxing with friends at night with BYOB. Graber describes the ambience as “community, luxury, and hip.” The environment will not only be sleek but also sustainable—from the reclaimed wood floor and chairs to the recycled glass.

As the restaurant has not opened its doors yet, Graber is hesitant to offer any secrets to her packaged delights but insists it will be delicious.

As a lover of the East Village, Graber hopes to make Gingersnap’s Organic café part of the community. She explains how she wants everyone to feel welcome and accepted but also stresses the Gingersnap crew will educate if asked. A bonus for customers who want to get more in touch with their organic side, the café will have a holistic nutritionist on hand to provide consultations by appointment.

A native New Yorker, Graber spent a few years in Los Angeles where she was did marketing for Juliano’s Raw and was a front of the house manager at Euphoria Loves Rawvolution. Moving back to New York to be close to family, Graber continued working with raw supplements at Live Live & Organic, a health store. Believing the majority of New York City’s vegan restaurants are soy-based, Graber hopes to find a niche by focusing on creating healthier plant-based dishes at Gingersnap’s Organic.

“East Village is the mecca of health. It is my favorite part of the city,” Graber said.

To find out more information when Gingersnap’s Organic Café will be open, visit www.gingersnapsorganic.com where there is a mailing list and a link to their Facebook page.

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